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How Can My Counselor Assist Me Academically?
  • Registration and scheduling of classes.
  • Academic counseling for improving grades and general academic success strategies.
  • Credit recovery.
  • Counselors act as a liaison for students and parents to teachers.
  • Meet with English Language Learners to  support a successful academic experience.
  • Transcript review for completion of high school requirements.​
  • Parent and teacher conferences.
How Can My Counselor Support My Social/Emotional Needs?
  • Counselors promote a positive environment to enhance students’ ability to properly manage the social/emotional demands of their lives.
  • Counselors strive to empower students with the support and resources to make healthy  decisions.
  • Help maintain positive  relationships and  maximize students' potential and academic achievement.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the appropriate school personnel and other adults responsible for the welfare of the student within the guidelines of confidentiality.
  • Counselors address the potential of disengagement by addressing students’ social/emotional development.​
How Can My Counselor Assist Me With College & Career Readiness?
  • Presentations  regarding college applications, financial aid and scholarships, college planning, and career planning.
  • Post-secondary educational counseling.
  • Assist students with college applications.
  • Helping students learn about themselves and their skills, strengths, abilities and interests.